Laboratory Skill & Management Program

Laboratory Skill and Management Program (LSMP) is a professional proficiency program designed for biosciences talent especially lab trainee of analytical biology and analytical chemistry, laboratory technician, supervisor and manager as well as QA/QC officers.

LSMP is aimed to produce skills and professional bioscience talent that equipped with both scientific and management skills in all laboratories and manufacturing practice. The module provides practical experience in analytical analysis and laboratory accreditation requirement that are increasingly demanded by current employers in commercial laboratories and manufacturing industries.

LSMP from RQuest Convergent (RQC) comprises 3 sub programs that are divided into beginner level, intermediate level and advance level.

LSMP will help you to explore in detail on analytical measurement uncertainty, analytical method validation and laboratory quality systems, supported by a range of advanced topics in biology, chemistry and biotechnology. You will learn about scientific concepts and procedures as well as develop management skills related to personnel and operations. You will also fully understand and learn to critically evaluate the current state of worldwide standardization and comparability of analytical results. In addition, you will be having opportunities to conduct research, develop and validate new techniques and methods of analysis and eventually become skilled to apply both theoretical and practical techniques as a set of advanced analytical techniques to real life analytical problems.