Skill proficiency

We are delivering high impact training program for bioscience communities. We also provides certification program to upskill, retooling and expand capabilities to meet industry standard.


  • Basic and advanced Research lab technique
  • Analytical laboratory instrumentation
  • Molecular diagnostic on food security and aquaculture
  • Plant tissue culture technique
  • Cell handling
  • Cloning technique
  • DNA amplification, extraction and quantification
  • Molecular detection of infectious disease and drug abuse
  • Halal science program
  • Optimization and troubleshooting

Business consultation & project management

We are experienced in providing comprehensive business consultancy service which infuses value creation and nurtures effective business sustainability by implementing global best business practice. We also proficient in managing variety of bioscience related projects.


  • Laboratory design and setup
  • Bio-entrepreneurship
  • ISO Certification
  • Halal Certification
  • Science Boot Camp

Corporate strategy

We help clients to improve quality and performance of manpower in bioscience industry supported by resource allocation and strategic management.
To build a balance portfolio, we advise our client on how to calibrate current assets, capabilities and process and combine expertise to improve manpower and build a sustainable value in the industry.

Resource Allocation

We have experienced experts to deliver high impact training program and various consultancy services in quality assurance and resource allocation.

Strategic management and planning

We help clients to achieve business’s objectives by assisting them to strengthen their business development process, make precise and timely decision and execute efficiently. We provide clients with effective strategic planning for efficient business and project management.

Quality assurance

We offer training and consultancy on quality assurance to fulfill the requirements of quality standard in bioscience discipline.


  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Good Lab Practice (GLP)
  • Halal Practitioner Program
  • Total Quality Management
  • Food handling
  • ISO 17025

Learning methodology

All courses provide a complete learning system with defined objectives that are achieved through:

  • Lecture and discussion
  • Workshop and Case study
  • Quiz and assessment

Learning options

  • Classroom (instructor-led)
  • E-learning (Web-based learning (online) and CD-ROM (offline)