Halquest Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as RQuest Convergent (RQC) ) is a Malaysian bio-proficiency firm with pool of experts in biosciences. We offer training to enhance skill proficiency, business consultation, quality assurance and regulatory affairs consultation, professional development and project management to leading companies and government agencies in area of biotechnology, biochemistry and biopharmaceutical.


To deliver high quality, productive and competent human capital to drive bioscience industry through progressive learning facility that meet the requirement and standards of the industry.


We design, develop and deliver high impact program and facilitation services to produce superlative human capital in bioscience industry


  • To sustain high impact training and consultancy towards professional development in bioscience area which cover fundamental and advanced bioscience module training and certification courses
  • To educate and advise bioscience companies in quality management such as Good Lab Practice (GLP), International Standards Organization (ISO), Total Quality Management (TQM), Halal Assurance System and all modules that are related to these disciplines.
  • To proffer wide range of consultancy services in business development and project management such as laboratory setup
    and other projects that are relating to bioscience industry.


  • Our cornerstone is QUALITY, EXCELLENCE and OUTSTANDING.
  • Our core value and culture is to proffer the best quality of solutions to our clients, passionate to be excellent and leading to become outstanding from other players.